GuARRd the Rum! is a pirate-brawler designed during the Brisbane 48hr Challenge game jam drawing influence from Gang Beasts. Play against three other pirates, each trying to secure the rum for victory. Knock other players off, drag them into the see, hold on for your life, and avoid capsizing!

Rules and Play

Each of the players control a colored block - their avatar. They can move around, and are provided three actions: grab, jump, and punch. Grab can be used on and rigid body, but tires the player after a few seconds. Players may use this to bring down other players with their own demise, to secure themselves from the rocking boat or other players, or to secure the barrel of rum from falling over. Punch is used to knock other players off the boat. 

The goal of the game is to be the only pirate remaining on the boat along with the rum. As each player is knocked off the boat, the sea becomes red with revenge, rocking the boat and sometimes even capsizing it. As the weight of the ship begins to tip and the violent seas add more chaos, you may use this opportunity to capsize and force a draw. There are a few strategies to achieve victory - you may try to let everyone else do the swashbuckling while you try to hold onto the rum and balance the boat, or you may try punching everyone off. 


GuARRd the Rum! was designed with the three game jam keywords in mind: sacrifice, wave, and guard. Inspired by themes such as sea gods, the idea came about that players would have to be sacrificed to the sea, but this was too easy so we flipped the rules around. With the sea setting, what's better than pirates right? And Rum?


William Goddard, Layton Hawkes, Steve Last, Ben Marrinan, Michael Szewczyk.

Fast Facts

Engine: Unity 4. Players: 4 Players. Playtime: 5-30 minutes.