Joint Effort! - Cooperative flailing sticky arm vs a black hole.

A game for 4 players, each player controls one of the spokes as part of a shared body. Can you learn to cooperate and effectively control the joints in a shared limb or will you turn on each other and ruin it for everyone?

Each player controls their colour by rotating it with an analog stick. Players are swapped places throughout the game. The yellow tip at the end sticks to balls. Collect the balls and drop them into the white hole - while avoid the black hole. Collect extra balls for more risk, but also more reward - combos!

Keywords:  Sticky, arm, growth


For Science! 2013 -William Goddard, Layton Hawkes, Steve Last, Michael Szewczyk.

Fast Facts

Engine: Unity 4. Players: 4 Players. Playtime: 5-30 minutes.